What is an intranet persona?

A persona is a fictional but realistic description of a typical intranet user (for example, new starter/new employee, knowledge worker, field worker, sales rep, people manager, or content author). You’ll want to do some research to engage with people who represent these different personas to understand their information requirements.

How do I plan my new SharePoint intranet?

Your current intranet may be composed of sites from different business groups, such as HR, IT, Facilities, Engineering, and others. As a first step to planning your new SharePoint intranet, we recommend taking an inventory of your existing sites and meeting with the owners of each to determine their business outcome goals for new sites.

What makes a successful intranet?

The most successful intranets don’t just look good, they are primarily focused on helping people get work done and often on promoting engagement.

Is your intranet project “done”?

Unlike many technology projects, an intranet project is never “done” because your organization priorities and interests will change over time. But, at any given time, you want to focus on the intranet initiatives that are most closely aligned with your organizational priorities and key business stakeholders.

What are intranet user personas and why are they important?

Intranet user personas help an intranet team escape conceptual debates around personal preferences as well as political jousting between stakeholders. Updated April 29th, 2021.

What is the value and use of user personas?

The value and uses of personas. User personas help an intranet team escape conceptual debates around personal preferences as well as political jousting between stakeholders. Referencing user personas at key decision moments forces personal preferences to recede and shifts the focus to users’ needs.

What is an intranet?

What is an Intranet? Definition, Benefits & FAQs | Happeo What is an intranet? An intranet can be defined as a private network used by an organization.

What should I include in my user personas?

For example, you could include a breakout of how users spend their time, such as in meetings versus at their desks, or on-site with customers. As you draft and finalize your user personas its important that you test to ensure they are on the money.

What makes a good intranet page?

The best intranet pages are the ones that are well designed and helpful for the user. Successful intranet pages make the life of employees easier by centralizing information. But exactly how do they do it?

Why is user experience so important for your intranet?

User experience is one of the most important aspects of your intranet. For your intranet to be a success, your staff need to be able to use it and to find what they’re looking for. Quickly.

How do you encourage employees to use the intranet?

To encourage the use of the intranet, you should create spaces for employees to interact on the platform. To foster two-way dialogue, enable your intranet to support users having conversations. Users should have profiles that have information similar to what’s available on their LinkedIn profiles.

What is the role of the intranet in an organization?

These platforms were employees’ main connection to the organization, and, in many cases, also their only link to colleagues. The intranet became a support tool, a place where to go to feel like things would be okay, and also, a tool to work out how to persevere.

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