The weeknd dawn fm

the weeknd dawn fm

What is The Weeknd’s new album Dawn FM?

Is There Someone Else? Lyrics Dawn FM is The Weeknd’s fifth studio album, released on January 7, 2022. As stated by The Weeknd himself, the album is a direct sequel to his fourth studio album After Hours which had been released almost two years prior.

What is the meaning of Dawn FM?

Narrated by Jim Carrey, who serves as a benign, between-worlds radio announcer, Dawn FM is about boundless freedoms. Like some Casanova Kevin Finnerty, the Weeknd drifts through a surreal plane of existence on the Lil Wayne-assisted “I Heard You’re Married,” ending up with someone else’s wife.

Is Jim Carrey narrating The Weeknd’s new album?

Dont worry But whats the rush? The intro and title track of The Weeknd’s fifth studio album includes additional narration from actor Jim Carrey, who also appears on the outro track. The song was first previewed on January 3, 2022 when Abel released the trailer for the album and announced the released date.

Whats new on Dawn FM?

New record, announced just this week, features collaborations with Tyler, the Creator and Jim Carrey The Weeknd ’s much-hyped fifth studio album, Dawn FM, has finally dropped. The follow-up to 2020’s After Hours consists of 16 tracks, featuring collaborations with Tyler, the Creator and Jim Carrey, among others.

When is The Weeknd’s new album after hours released?

In February 2020, The Weeknd revealed that his fourth studio album would be titled After Hours, and would be released on 20 March. An appearance as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live, alongside actor Daniel Craig, followed.

What is the meaning of the album Dawn FM?

The concept behind the album’s name stems from a radio station called 103.5 Dawn FM which is featured in the title track Dawn FM. The whole 16-track album is like a listening experience on a radio station narrated by Jim Carrey.

Is Jim Carrey on The Weeknds Dawn FM?

People are shocked to hear Jim Carrey appear on The Weeknd s new album Dawn FM. The multi-platinum artists new record dropped today (7 January) and fans cant quite process the Bruce Almighty actors surprise appearance, playing the role of a radio host on several tracks of the album.

Whos on The Weeknds new albumDawn FM?

Titled Dawn FM, the album features contributions from Jim Carrey (yes, that Jim Carrey) Calvin Harris, Tyler, the Creator, Lil Wayne, Quincy Jones, Oneohtrix Point Never, Swedish House Mafia, Max Martin, and Uncut Gems co-director Josh Safdie. The singer teased the album last week, and it follows The Weeknds 2020 album After Hours.

What does The Weeknd’s ‘Phantom regret’ by Jim mean?

Carrey goes completely Dr. Seuss for the closing track, “Phantom Regret by Jim,” his final words as the Weeknd’s music — and the journey through purgatory it accompanied — ends. Aside from being the closest thing to ASMR on the album, it puts the themes about life and reflection into stark relief.

Is Jim Carrey a musician?

Jim Carrey has already had a diverse career spanning comedy and drama, movies and television, but now hes collaborated with The Weeknd to try his hand at music. The Weeknds new album Dawn FM is out now, with comedian Carrey featuring prominently across several tracks on the record.

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