Amnésia global transitória

amnésia global transitória

What does transient global amnesia really mean?

Transient global amnesia (TGA) is a syndrome described in the 1950s, characterized by sudden anterograde and, sometimes, retrograde amnesia of less than 24 h in duration, accompanied by repetitive...

What is transient global amnesia like?

“Transient global amnesia (TGA) involves a sudden inability to form new memories. Some people also cannot recall memories from hours, days, or longer in the past. People experiencing a TGA episode may appear disoriented and confused. They know who they are and know their friends and family members, but may repeat questions about the time or date.

Should I call an ambulance for transient global amnesia?

If the person experiencing memory loss is too confused to call an ambulance, call one yourself. Although transient global amnesia isnt harmful, theres no easy way to distinguish the condition from the life-threatening illnesses that can also cause sudden memory loss. The underlying cause of transient global amnesia is unknown.

Is transient global amnesia a risk factor for migraines?

If you have migraines, your risk of transient global amnesia is significantly higher than that of someone without migraines. Transient global amnesia has no direct complications. Its not a risk factor for stroke or epilepsy. Its possible to have a second episode of transient global amnesia, but its extremely rare to have more than two.

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