Shopping mall porto

shopping mall porto

What are the shopping malls in Porto?

Shopping Malls in Porto 1 Alameda Shopping 2 Galerias Lumière 3 Centro Comercial Bombarda 4 La Vie Porto Baixa 5 Galeria Comercial Peninsula 6 Galerias Palladium. What are the best places for shopping malls in Porto?

What is the most fashionable street in Porto?

Rua de Santa Catarina is the most fashionable street in Porto, with dozens of stores up and down the street. We must warn you, though, that unlike Lisbon, Porto does not have luxury brand stores like Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Burberry. Rua de Santa Catarina does have the most well-known stores including:

Is it cheap to shop in Porto?

Is shopping cheap in Porto? Well, it depends on what you are buying, of course, since a lot of things have the same prices throughout Europe, such as electronic goods. However, if you are buying clothes, for example, Porto can be one of the cheapest cities you can buy them from.

What are the best markets in Porto?

One of the most popular markets in Porto, the vibrant Bolhão Market should be on the itinerary of any serious Porto-based shopping spree. While you will find plenty of the ubiquitous souvenir shops here, the treasure trove of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and other products more than justifies a visit.

Where to go shopping in Porto?

Alameda Shopping 2. Galerias Lumière 3. Centro Comercial Bombarda 4. La Vie Porto Baixa 5. Galeria Comercial Peninsula 6. Galerias Palladium What are the best places for shopping malls in Porto?

What are the best shopping malls in Madrid?

Centro Comercial Miguel Bombarda is a very good place to go, with friends and family.With beautiful stores. And to eat... 9. La Vie Porto Baixa I love the design of the shopping mall from outside, but sadly this place seems like a death shopping mall.|This mall... 10. Galeria Comercial Peninsula 11. Galerias Palladium 12. Carvalhais Shopping 13.

What is the via Catarina shopping center?

The Via Catarina Shopping Center has over 80 shops spread over its 4 floors, and is conveniently located in Porto’s oldest commercial center, Rua de Santa Catarina. You’ll find all the usual shopping suspects you’d expect to find in a modern mall.

What to buy on Rua Santa Catarina?

Via Catarina might be the modern shopping mall in Porto, but Rua Santa Catarina is the premiere shopping block in Porto. It possible to buy almost anything and everything on Rua Santa Catarina. If port wine tickles your taste buds, you will enjoy the dining experience on Rua Santa Catarina.

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