What is guru3d and how do I use it?

What exactly is guru3d? Its a website that stocks software tools for fixing PC problems. Like CPU-Z, HWMonitor and DDU. All of which are important and very useful for fixing a broken PC. Thanks, Ill keep that website on a note incase I ever need it.

Is guru3d safe to download mods?

Guru3D is a trusted site. Guru3d is one of the best tech sites/communities and I would think youd be pretty safe as any game mods containing anything malicious would be picked up on a community like Guru3ds pretty rapidly, just make sure you download from the Guru3d mirror. You must log in or register to reply here.

What is guru3d elite game force?

This is the Elite Game Force of a group a fanatics that belong to our community. Do you have what it takes to team up with them ? You can talk about the latest games here and more .. This forum is dedicated to game modifications and tweaks. Here you can discuss performance and image quality modifications.

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